I was asked to speak at Gov. DeSantis's press conference announcing his Digital Bill of…Assista agora (5 min) | Here's the full video of my statement. I only had 5 minutes to tell our story, so if I sound like Ben Shapiro, that's why.
The left’s all-out war on satire is really a fight over truth—and every citizen’s right to speak it
First she was suspended, then she was doxxed — but she's not going anywhere.
Including my raw, unrivaled talent, without which I’d be ordinary and boring like you.
Kyle Rittenhouse put himself at risk for a moral purpose. He's a hero, not a fool.
Some of which are good reasons.
You can't even affirm basic facts of biology without fear of retribution
Instead of sleeping, I went on Fox and Friends First to talk about Big Tech censorship and Section 230
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Seth Dillon